If you have difficulties when attending Mass, hopefully this page can help you. If you have a difficulty not addressed here, please let us know.


Children are very welcome at Mass, but sometimes parents worry that they are a bit noisy and disturbing to others. If that thought is distracting you, we suggest that you can take them in to the Lady chapel (front left of the church), where you can follow the service and still be enclosed so that noise is minimised and you can allow the children to move about to some extent without worrying about disturbing others. There are modern toilets in the Parish centre, including baby changing facilities. At 10:30 Mass there is usually a separate Children’s Liturgy during term time. Once children have taken First Holy Communion, they are welcome to join the Altar Servers on a rota basis. See also our Youth Pages.

Difficulty walking/wheelchair users

The recent modifications mean that the public areas of the church are all wheel-chair accessible. There are spaces among the pews where a chair can be moved to accommodate a wheelchair. There is a disabled toilet in the Parish Centre. If you are unable to come up to receive Communion, please let the priest or sacristan know before Mass starts if possible, so they or a lay minister of Holy Communion can come to you. If this is not possible, ask the priest immediately after Mass.


If you are housebound, and cannot attend, by all means let us know, so we can arrange for a lay minister of Holy Communion to come to you and hold a service and administer Communion. Some of our services are now Live streamed, and can be watched remotely.


We have a supply of gluten-free (square) breads which can be consecrated, and are kept separate from other hosts. If you require one of these, please see the sacristan before Mass so it can be arranged. Normal practice seems to be to come last for Communion to minimise disruption to the queue, and mention “gluten-free”.


We have an induction loop fitted, and hold occasional Masses in Sign Language (BSL).


Non-Catholics are welcome to attend any Mass (or other liturgies) in our churches. The Catholic Church views the reception of Holy Communion as a mark of full union with the Church and with regret it cannot invite non-Catholics to receive Holy Communion. But it does invite and welcome non-Catholics to come forward in the communion procession to receive a blessing. If you are asking for a blessing, please approach the priest or other minister with your arms crossed across your chest.