Every church runs on its volunteers. If you are already a volunteer- THANK YOU! If you are considering a role, then the following guide and links may be useful to you.


Altar servers: Can start from First Holy communion- so let’s get them young! No upper age limit.Volunteers-1

Discuss issues affecting the parish and decide what to do about them. Please contact the office if you wish to volunteer.

Music group: plays for Sunday 10:30 Mass, approach the group if interested. If you could play the organ regularly, do please get in touch!

Readers: during Mass, contact the office if interested.

Flower arrangers: Please sign up on the list in the narthex if you would like to take a turn at arranging the church flowers. Flowers in front of the altar and the lectern are required. Flowers can be arranged at home and brought in or arranged at church. A key can be borrowed from the office if the church is locked. Everyone is welcome to have a turn, consider it especially if you haven’t done it before or not for some time.

Lay Ministers of Holy Communion: Take communion to the housebound, and help at Mass- you would normally be approached if it was felt you could fill this role.

Youth Group: be an extra pair of adult hands at one of youth groups. See our youth page for more details.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChurches Together: Plans inter-church activities with other Christian churches in this area. See John Borda/John Conti.

Newmarket Town Pastors: Inter-church group set up to minister to vulnerable people during Newmarket’s vibrant “night-time economy” (pubs, clubs, etc.).

Website editors:  If you could edit a page on this website (of a group you belong to), get in touch!

Volunteer leaders:

If you are in one of these roles, then part of your job is to make yourself redundant! Please train up people so they can take over from you eventually.