Faith-based clubs and events for young people in Newmarket. If you know of something we don’t (and what do I know, I’m “old”!) then tell me at: and I’ll add it on.

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Youth Group


The OLISE youth group needs someone to fill in their information!

Youth Event with YFC van

Newmarket & District Youth for Christ (YFC) meet term-times at St. Phillips, Exning 7:30-9pm Thursdays.

Catholic Gap Years
The National Office for Vocations have set up a website which brings together opportunities for people to spend a gap year in a Catholic setting – e.g. retreat and mission teams, the L’Arche Community. I have many friends who have found spending a year like this really helps them in their own faith journey. Highly recommended! The website address is
A new website providing a range of interactive ways of reading the Bible has been launched by Scripture Union. Video clips, worship songs and prayer activities, as well as a daily Bible reading and explanatory notes aim to make the Bible more accessible to young people.