As we cannot meet in person during this time, welcome to Ablaze at Home! Each week there will be a new Prayer Activity for you to do from the comfort of your home and a worship song of the week for you to pray with.

27th April

Be Still, Hillsong

This week’s activity is a bit different to what we might have done together at Ablaze… but then, everything is a bit different at the moment isn’t it?

This week’s activity is a daily activity. A few minutes. Every day.

I invite you to go outside if you can. You don’t have to go far. It can just be to sit on your doorstep. Or if you live somewhere where you don’t have outside space then sit by a wide open window. But, if you can, go outside.

And just be.

Be in the air. In the sun. In the rain. In the wind. In the cold. In the warmth. In the morning light. In the darkness of night.

Just be.

Be still.

And know, that He is God.

Just be; with God.

That is all I’m asking you to do. Now, God might ask you to do more. You might find that prayers of thanks or intercession for other people rise up in you. You might find that you feel a desire to do something – to paint, to draw, to write. You might feel reminded of a bible story or verse.

If God prompts you to respond in some way, then go with that. Follow that prompting, and know that God really does speak in you.

That is your activity this week. Each day spend a few minutes. You may find you start wanting to spend longer. Feel free to spend as long as you like, but don’t feel you have to spend ages. Use nature as your starting point, and find God in the stillness.

You may find our song of the week helps you too. Listen to it, and if you like it then maybe get some headphones and listen to it as you begin your time outside with God.